An small MVC PHP framework with a very intuitive ORM.

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What is linxphp?

linxphp is an open source, object oriented MVC web framework built using PHP5 that aims to be swift, simple, and small.

linxphp is licensed under a MIT license, so you can legally use it for any kind of open source, commercial, or personal project.

Why another PHP Framework?

We think most known PHP Framework out there have grown a lot, and turned overcomplicated in the process. Other Frameworks claim to be user friendly to non-developers by using a complex content management system, making good developers to hate them.

Linx is our effort to make a developer friendly framework, keeping it simple and easy.

If you want to know the reasons why I decided to wrote it, please take a look at this post on our blog.


Authors and Contributors

The project is authored and maintained by Javier Arias (@javis), with many contributions from Pixelatom.

Support or Contact

Having trouble with linxphp? Check out the documentation at, take a look at our forum or contact us at or throug the issues tracker and we’ll help you sort it out.